"The Lonely Cat Part 2"

Written by: @Lpsneon

Semi-Fictional Story


I finally fell asleep. But I can't ever fall all the way asleep. There could be other farrel cats watching me and planning an attack. By the morning time I was hungry and I needed to hunt. So I climb down the tree, and search for anything that is edible. I search and search, but I can't find nothing. It's like the other cats are pulling a prank on me... They have done that before. They take all the food and leave me with nothing. Wait! A bird! I have to get it! "Pounce! Claw! Hiss!" Yum! That was one of the best birds I've ever had! Now that I have a full stomach, I can now keep searching for a home, or at least an animal shelter. But I'm in the middle of the woods... No one will ever find me...


Hours have gone by, and I still haven't found anything. All this walking is making me tired... I think I'm gonna take a nap... I find this really nice place in a pile of leaves. My eyes drift... I finally fell asleep. I dream about finding a nice, warm, loving home. My owner playing with me. We play outside in all the fall leaves. "I wish it was really like that..." "Yawn!" I open my eyes. I look around. "MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 'This is not where I fell asleep!!!!" I close my eyes and look around once again. Meowzers! There has to be about 50 cats! There all looking at me like I'm crazy... Then this person comes in. She picks me up, and puts me in a cage. She gave me this wierd name. "Leona". I'm thinking to myself... But... I like my name I have now... "Electra"... The woman gave me a blanket, and this wierd sand-box looking thing. "Oh my gosh... Am I in an animal shelter??..." "If I am... This might mean I will be able to get a home..."


These people come in... They stop and look at me. The teenage girl asks if she could hold me. The woman opened the cage and put me in her arms. The girl seemed to like me. But then she put me back in the cage and they left. "I am never gonna find a home..."


Sadly, I am still in the animal shelter waiting for someone to adopt me... I am a very lonely cat... But please... If you too are a lonely cat without a home, keep your hopes high and just be thankful your not out in the wild fighting to survive. - Electra


Thank you for reading. I hoe you guys enjoyed.- @Lpsneon

Just remember, Cats ARE NOT STUPID. They understand things just like us.

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