CAT LAND is in one of the books I am reading now. Sunita, the Cat lover, goes searching for 2 of her Cats. While she is searching, she finds this really old red car. It has the words CAT LAND written on the side. When she goes to touch it, BOOM!!!! A flood of Cats come running out! There is even a really sick Cat that was hit by a car.
Beautiful kitty

Helping These CATS!Edit

These Cats are going to keep going on for generations! Sunita needs to take them in to DR. Mac (The vet she volunteers at). Or call Animal Control to rescue them!

Take Them In!Edit

This is what will happen if she doesn't take them in to DR. Mac!

These Cats will keep having Kittens~

Then they will die of sicknesses~

oon this whole place will be taken over by Cats!

Don't let this happen! SAVE R CATS!

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