Cat abusers:

Cats... Their beautiful creatures. I bet a lot of you think, "How could you ever hurt one of those"... But sadly, there ARE people that do. Those people are called "animal abusers". They are SICK people. I personally think they should go into a rubber room becaise their not straight in the head. I hope you know in some states and countries, they don't put animal abusers in jail. Witch is SICK.

Cats want nice, loving, and save homes. Not stuck in a house with people hurting it. They are delicate... Their not TOYS. Their living creatures!

How to adopt a cat:

Ever wondered how to adopt a cat? Well, to start, you have to be at least 21 to adopt ANY type of animal. Then, if you have another animal at home, you have to bring them to the shelter to see if your pet and the cat get along. If they don't, YOU CAN NOT GET THE CAT. If they DO get along with your other pet, the people that work at the shelter will inspect your house to see if it is clean enough for the cat to live in. After all of that, most likely 2 weeks has gone by, and you can finally pay for your cat and take it home.

A lot of work huh?

Picking out the right cat:

First of all, you have to have an idea of the cat you want in your head. If your not sure, then ask yourself these questions: What personality do I want my cat to have? What breed do I want? What age do I want my cat? And so on... Once you get that, you can pick out your cat a little more easily... But there is ONE good thing about picking out a cat... If you bring your cat home and your not that satisfied, you have 30 days to bring it back and get another one.

Adorable cat 9

I hope you guys found this helpful! If you ever want me to do a page on something YOU want to know about cats, then please message me!