Hello! I'm @SaveRcats. Again, I am writing another story. This is an INSPIRED story from the book "Homeless" By: Laurie Halse Anderson.

So I give 50% of the credit to her.


"Socrates" Edit

Written By: @SaveRcats

Inspired by: Laurie Halse Anderson


Hello. I am Socrates. I'm a fat orange tabby cat. And yes. I admit it. I'm FAT. Me and my owner Sunita love to go around the block for exersize. But here I am, still huge. I'm not a big fan of people. The only person I really like is Sunita. I am pretty sure Sunita is on the school bus right now coming home. Huh? The door is open. Hmmm... Let me see if I can go outside... I sure do love it out there. Wow. for once I actualy go outside on my own. Wait... Is that another cat... Hmm... I might not like people that much, but I do like other cats. Let me go meet her. "Um.. Hi? What is your name?" "HISS!!" "Um.. Sorry did I scare you?" "HISSSS!! GRRR! MRRROWWW!!" "AHH! O.. O.. Ok... Um... Bye then..." Hey! It's Sunita's bus! "Meowww!!" "Socrates! What are you doing outside??" "MEOWW... HISSS.... SWIPE!" "Ouch! What was that for??" "Swipe!" "Ok, that's it!" "MEOWWW!!! HISSSS!!!!!! SWIPE!" Oh no! "David! Breanna! Zoe! Maggie! DR. Mac! "Socrates and this cat are fighting!!" They all come running. They actually get the other cat off of me. But of corse, I got spooked and ran off into the woods. I can hear them calling for me. But I'm too scared to come back. So I just keep going into the woods. Soon, it grew dark. I came across this old car. The car door said: "CAT LAND" I jump into the car and like 1000 cat came flying out! Well, I know why it says "CAT LAND" now.

Hmmm.... I wonder what Sunita is doing right now...


Guys! I can't sleep thinking that Socrates is out there. "It's alright, Sunita. Right in the morning we'll start searching. Ok?" Fine..


Well, thanks guys for reading part one. Keep a close watch out for part two!