• Lpspax

    Hello, it's me, Lpspax. If you remember, I left this wiki because of all the fighting. Well, now that it seems as if things has calmed down a bit, I have returned.

    I see there is a new person on this wiki: SaveRcats

    SaveRcats, it's very nice to meet you.

    And, I have some things I would like to explain. Remember when I first joined the wiki? Everyone thought I was a sock of Lpsleon and Lpsneon. That is not true. I actually know Leon and Neon. We are friends. We live in the same town. Leon made a Wikia account first. Then she wanted her sister, Neon to do so also. So she did. Then Leon asked me if I could make an account, so we could be on Wikia together. Of corse I agreed and I made an account. I wanted everyone to know that me and Leon were fr…

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  • Lpspax


    May 28, 2014 by Lpspax

    Hello, I am @Lpspax. Please call me Pax. I am here to tell you that I promise to be a good contributor to this wiki. I know I did things in the past, but that is behind me. I promise, that will never happen again. I just love wikia, and I don't want to leave. So I promise to be good. Lol. If anyone ever needs my help, you can come to me. I can speak a little bit of Greek. If you speak Greek, just come to me ;)

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